Deploy Backup and Recovery

Introduction to Storage Management

Discover how Commvault uses cloud, disk, and tape storage to safeguard protected data.

Overview of Plans

Learn about the essential role that plans have in your Commvault environment.

Create Your Plan

Customize your server plans to meet your data protection needs.

Add the File Server Feature

Learn about the required tools to manage and monitor file system backups and recovery.

Install a MediaAgent

Learn how to install a MediaAgent in the Command Center.

Overview of Virtualization

Explore Commvault's solutions to efficiently and reliably protect your virtual environment.

Add a Hypervisor and a VM Group

Discover why hypervisors and VM groups are beneficial, and learn how to add them to your Commvault environment.

Command Center Core Setup

Setup and configure the Command Center, focusing on the mail server and first backup destination

Run Your First Backup and Recovery Operation

Learn how to run your first backup and recovery operation using the Command Center.

Setting Up the CommServe Disaster Recovery Backup

Benefit from the added protection of CommServe Disaster Recovery that can be configured for your needs and set to backup automatically to the Commvault Cloud Service.

Overview of Commvault Cloud Services

Examine the key features of the Commvault Cloud Service for enhanced data protection.


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