Activating Your Metallic Office 365 Subscription

Prepare Metallic to setup data protection for your Office 365 products.

Custom Configuration for SharePoint

Follow these steps to set up your SharePoint backups using custom configuration.

Backup SharePoint

Discover the options for configuring backup jobs for SharePoint sites.

Restoring Entire SharePoint Online Sites with Metallic

Learn how to restore an entire SharePoint site.

Restore Documents to a SharePoint Site with Metallic

Learn how to restore individual SharePoint documents for a specific site.

Filter Content from SharePoint with Metallic

Filter SharePoint sites from protection by exclusion or removal.

Office 365 Backup Health Report for Metallic

Take advantage of the O365 Health Report to easily monitor status for your O365 protected applications.

Monitor Office 365 Subscription Usage in Metallic

Monitor your current account consumption with the subscription usage tile.

Metering SharePoint Usage



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