Feature Release 19 - Debrief Videos

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Thanks to all participants for their expert perspective and agreeing to go on camera.

Note: We hope to continue to provide debrief videos for future feature releases and improve in all areas including audio and video quality. 

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You asked – we listened. Watch Senior Principal Designer Parisa Bazl and VP of Product Rahul Pawar discuss the switch from Service Packs to Feature Releases, starring:

  • A new 3-digit naming convention supporting the industry standard, and what each part of it means.
  • Continuation of quarterly release cadences and 2-month end development cycles.
  • Support for long-term Feature Releases for five years.

Feature Release Naming Convention and Release Cadence

Big data requires a big backup, and we’re here to help. Watch Senior Principal Designer Parisa Bazl and Senior Development Manager Karthik Bhagi talk about why backing up your data is so important, and how Commvault provides the most powerful tools and infrastructure for ensuring your data is safe and sound:

  • Expanded support for NetApp NDMP.
  • The hardware infrastructure needed for Commvault Complete™ Backup and Recovery.
  • Using Azure Data Lake for backup and recovery.

File system backup and recovery for NetApp ONTAP and Azure Data Lake

Commvault Command Center™ has been strengthened with a new search functionality to help retrieve data as efficiently as possible. Watch Senior Principal Designer Parisa Bazl and Program Manager of Worldwide Technical Enablement Toby Anderson discuss the enhancements added to Commvault Command Center™, featuring:

  • A global search bar located right at the top of the user interface.
  • Protecting search results by verifying user credentials.
  • The ability to search for job IDs, virtual servers, and much, much more.
  • Performing actions with your servers and jobs directly from the search bar.
  • Built-in commands to support a command line interface.

Commvault Command Center™ - Search and Efficiency from a Single Dashboard

Commvault supports plenty of cloud apps to ensure the best services for our customers and goes one step further to help protect your data on them. Watch Senior Principal Designer Parisa Bazl and VP of Product Param Kumarasamy discuss:

  • Defining cloud applications and what they mean to you.
  • The issues that arise from protecting cloud applications, and how Commvault helps to solve them.
  • What vendors Commvault supports, and which ones are specifically supported in Commvault Command Center™.
  • How to find out more about Amazon Dynamo DB and how Commvault supports it.

Multi-Cloud Data Protection for Cloud Applications

With every backup comes a plan, and Commvault has the best plans in mind for your data. Watch Senior Principal Designer Parisa Bazl and Chief Technology Officer Brian Brockway give essential tips on:

  • How to adapt and consume in a rapidly developing field of cloud security.
  • Ensuring easy accessibility to data and how to manage multiple access points across different platforms.
  • Budgeting in a cloud-based world, and how to manage fees and services.
  • Layers of security and how to use them effectively to protect your data.

Best Practices for Data Management and Cloud Storage Strategies

Metallic lets customers access the powerful technology Commvault has developed throughout the past two decades through Software as a Server (SaaS). Watch Senior Principal Designer Parisa Bazl and VP of Product for Metallic David Ngo discuss Metallic’s three offerings, and how they enhance customers’ capabilities with the power of choice:

  • Core (VM’s SQL file system), Office 365, and EndPoint.
  • Ease of use in end-to-end backup and recovery workflow.
  • Differences between Commvault Complete™ and Metallic, and which one works better for you.
  • Where to experience Metallic for yourself and purchase it for your own environment.

Meet Metallic - A powerful SaaS backup and recovery solution

Commvault recently acquired Hedvig – a powerful storage platform enhanced by flexibility across different storage objects. Watch Senior Principal Designer Parisa Bazl and Senior Product Manager of Hedvig Sudha Iyer discuss:

  • What Hedvig is, how it works, and how it is readily available to help you.
  • Hedvig’s easy-to-use interface.
  • How the 11.19 Feature Release intertwines both Hedvig and Commvault together.
  • The ideal environment for Hedvig, and how it can modernize your infrastructure.

Improve resiliency, simplify upgrades using Hedvig as backup storage

Commvault Activate™ helps users thrive alongside data compliance standards, and values what’s inside your data and how it should be treated. Watch Senior Principal Designer Parisa Bazl and Director of Product Management Patrick McGrath discuss:

  • The organizational rules, policies, and tools that need to be in place to maximize the value of your data.
  • Minimizing risks of holding data and driving data efficiency to support your data at the cost that’s right for you.
  • Different contexts for data management - and how Commvault Activate™ finds, understands, and enhances your data to help you meet your goals using backup analysis and powerful search functionality.
  • Different use cases for data and how Commvault Activate™ handles them – such as storage optimization, sensitive data governance, and eDiscovery.
  • Why everyone is switching to Commvault Activate™, and how you can be the next one to join them.

Commvault Activate™ - Support for Today’s Data Governance Requirements

Commvault Education Services is always here with the newest classes on how to use Commvault® software to the best of its potential, and how your business benefits the most from Commvault software. Watch Program Manager of Worldwide Technical Enablement Toby Anderson and Senior Content Developer Carl Brault discuss what Commvault Education Services is providing in 2020:

  • Introducing Commvault® Professional Foundations 3-day course and Commvault® Professional Advanced 2-day Course. Both courses replace the previous 5-day course, so you have the flexibility to learn at your own pace.
  • Introducing 2020 versions of all Commvault Education Services’ certifications – coming to you on April 1st, 2020.
  • Changes to certificates to align more closely to the new courses, and how classes are broken into modular formats to ensure stress-free test-taking.
  • Availability of classes through instructor-led training both in physical and virtual classrooms, as well as eLearning classes where students can learn at their own pace.
  • Our On-Demand Learning Library filled with dozens of written articles, videos, and graphics to provide multiple learning paths and methods for students to engage with.

Education Services Courses - New for 2020

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